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Fatimah Muhammad in the last week
Great service. Great result. Very professional. I went for a full set manicure and pedicure, both acrylic. I left feeling very pleased with the overall experience of my visit. 💅😁😘
Alexis Biondie in the last week
My friend and I went to TOP nails in hopes of a cheaper pricing compared to my usual nail place, the experience was horrible. They did my friends nails the wrong way, it’s been a week and the powdered gel is already peeling. (it’s like the woman hadn’t even done nails before) My French fade is barely a fade AND they charged us an extra $7 for just shaping them up more. 10/10 WOULDNT RECOMMEND. will never go back
Caitlyn McUmber in the last week
The lady who did my nails, started off by doing the wrong thing! I wanted a pinky nude ombré and got sparkle pink instead. On top of that, it hasn’t even been a week and my nails are peeling. I do not recommend this place to anyone. I’m very irritated with the results and the fact she didn’t listen.
Carmella Clemmons in the last week
Planned to visit next, very high reviews,
Cindy M in the last week
Nice staff, great service! It was very easy to reach a technician for an appointment through Facebook messenger but walk-ins are also welcome. Ann did my nails (regular manicure) and she was very meticulous and clean. Definitely recommend TOP Nails!!
Paige Taylor a week ago
sabrina cummins a month ago
Lior Wareing a month ago
She was really rough but did a good job
Jennifer Doldo a year ago
Slight burn on my feet with the wax pedicure people not friendly at all
Garry Ritter Jr a year ago
Deb Eckerly a year ago
Fast good service.
Robin Reynolds a year ago
Absolute worst customer service. Walked in asked how long for a pedicure. I was told 30 minutes I sat down waited 50 minutes only to watch a woman walk in and tell the man at the counter she was in a hurry and needed a pedicure he sent her back before anyone who was waiting . When I asked why he did this he said she had an appointment I was sitting right next to the desk and heard her ask how long and claim she would leave if he couldn’t do it now so he hurried her back when I asked he told me he can take me right away. Forget it you already had me waste 50 minutes to sit me in the back another 20 while I wait for an available manicurist NO THANKS
Jody Martinez a year ago
By far the best experience I’ve had with Acrylic nails at Top Nails has been with Nixia. She took her time to ensure my nails were what I wanted. Every time I would get acrylics (anywhere), the nail techs would leave some acrylic residue under the nail and it made it look messy. She did an exceptional job! I’m giving 4 stars because there were many times I would set up appointments and I’d still be stuck waiting 20 minutes after my appointment time.. I understand it can get busy, so I just stick to walk ins.
Kaitlyn Yang a year ago
A very nice place. Scheduling an appointment was very easy through Facebook messages and the work was great! I would certainly recommend going here. The staff is also very friendly. I felt well taken care of and appreciated as a customer.
Shelbie a year ago
This is a great place to get "affordable" mani's and pedi's, there are 4 dedicated techs available. The reason for 4 and not 5 is there can be a long wait time and the pedi' if not gel do not last long, should have two top coats instead of one.
Chris Oliver a year ago
Lily Sourwine a year ago
Morgana Wolf a year ago
Seth Hill a year ago
PandaEyes a year ago
Jimmy did an excellent job on my feet!!! They are super clean and affordable!! The staff is super sweet. Absolutely love this place! The music was super calming too! Everything was perfect!💛 I can't wait to go back. 😊
Pony Boy Killer a year ago
Madalyn Paquette a year ago
Very friendly staff. You definitely get what you pay for.
Amber Tyska a year ago
amber angus a year ago
lisa gleason a year ago
great service friendly staff
Fernanda Saenz a year ago
Got acrilic nails and it hasn’t been a week and they broke off , they charged me 47 for something that I didn’t even ask for , and now they broke off !!! I am furious!!!! I’m new to Watertown and ever nail salon I’ve tried is TRASH !!!
Laklin Lewis a year ago
Salud De La Vega a year ago
charlie held a year ago
Relaxing atmosphere and they do an awesome job
Jesenia Aponte a year ago
Love my nails made by nitzia 💖 my favorite place now on 😍
Zachary Brown a year ago
Keionna Baker a year ago
I recently moved to the area and was in search of a nail salon. I went here based upon the reviews. Helen did an exceptional job with my nails. I got the dip powder in an ombre.i isn't hard my nails done in 2 months due to the move so I added tips. I requested a coffin cut. With each addition I requested with my nails I was made aware of the price change which I appreciated. The only complaint was 8 believe they did not have one of the colors and they substituted it without telling me first. (Not a major deal as colors were pretty close. Helen was very focused and did not stop doing my nails for any reason as i've noticed at other places. She payed close attention to detail. I was in and out in 1.5 hours (with an appointment). I definitely plan to make this my nail spot!
Charm W a year ago
In 4 days I had to visit this nail salon 3 times! I got my gel set done Saturday afternoon, by Saturday night my nail starting peeling. By the time I was able to get back on Tuesday to have it fixed, there were now 4 nails peeling. I have NEVER experienced this before. At the shop the lady barely kept my nails under the UV light long enough and guess what, I woke up Wednesday morning to bubbles in my Gel polish again ! All four. I walked in Wednesday evening and I said hello and no one acknowledged me. RUDE . At this point I just sat down because they knew why I was there again. I spent a total of $80 not including my tip, between myself and family and it was my first time here ! I didn’t even get an apology. I guess they thought that it wouldn’t be an issue for me to take additional time out my day(s) for something they did wrong. I usually give people second chances depending, but this was handled completely wrong for me to ignore.
Brittany Kelly a year ago
I got a fill with regular nail polish. I was told 18. Got charged 24. I had one messed up nail that needed to be replaced, which I’m ok with. But what I’m not ok with is that they charged me $3 to have my nail shortened. Plus the nail technician was rude and cut me multiple times. I used to like going there cause of there selection of nail colors.NOT ANYMORE. They didn’t even tell me that it was a charge for my nails to be cut short
Army Diaries JD a year ago
This is my first time coming here I ask the guy in the front a question and he was rude he didn’t even answer me back . I gave a tip for my eyebrows he took the money with no gratitude a thank you would had been appreciated. The eyebrow lady don’t listen to direction well. I will not come back here.
Savannah Whitaker a year ago
The lady removed my old nails like it was no tying and the price Is only $1 more than Lee nails and $2 more than beauty nails. But they have more options. They offer drinks and they use scrubs and lotion on the hands after. It was my 1st time and I loved it!!
nt games 16 a year ago
Keila Masek a year ago
Amy Kirker a year ago
Very nice people and great job on my nails! Will definitely go back
Nicole Lyon a year ago
I went with the dip manicure with clear polish. What a great experience. They are very attentive to you and put 100% effort into their service. So kind and friendly as well and offered advice for which service I should go with. I have damaged nails and such dry skin. My nails came out beautiful and healthy looking! I even got a back massage with my manicure :) I will definitely be returning!
Marty Harris a year ago
Friendly service. Great work.
Caterina Cosme a year ago
Hong Nguyen a year ago
Casey Scofield a year ago
They have done well and hasn't screwed up like other sulons
Elvia Ayala a year ago
First time going to a nail salon in this area, and I think I made a great choice in choosing TOP Nails. They were very friendly and respectful, even after arriving there almost at closing time. They all stayed after, but I did not feel like I was being rushed. My pedicure was a great experience and my eyebrows look good... I was the last customer yet I felt like there was no ill will towards me. I will be returning again. Thank you TOP nails for being professional with your work and caring for your customers.
Joanna Lasky a year ago
Laura does lashes and is extremely conscientious, patient, and thorough. Her work is of excellent quality - second to none!
Mark Griggs a year ago
Jessie Miller a year ago
Shyann Smith a year ago
Made an appointment for my two friends and I. They immediately separated me from the group (we made the appointments together for a reason) the only thing the lady said to me was how are you... I even tried making small talk and she didnt say a word to me, but was speaking to everyone else around me. I also asked her to make my nails round and they are very square. One of the other girls didnt even get her nails done, because they waited until we were 5 minutes away from being done to ask her if she was getting hers done too.... First and last time here. Very disappointed
Elisia De La Rosa a year ago
Great quality here! They carry themselves well despite what it may look like from the outside. I left pleased with my set! If they replaced their tools more often it would be a perfect score from me
Chukita Guigma a year ago
Just want to take a minute and say thank you to the team at Top Nails. I went in last Thursday and had my nails filled and shellacked and on Saturday a nail broke because the acrylic was filed down to thin. Today I went in there to have the one nail fixed and everyone was kind and helpful. They fixed my nail helped me find the nail color that I already had and sent me on my way .. No questions asked, no nasty attitude, and not one time did they try and blame me (the customer). Other salons in the area should take a page out of there book where customer service is concerned !! Top Nails you have yourself a life long customer simply because you choose to do the right thing. Thank you !!!
Michael Johnson a year ago
Slug Z a year ago
I went there being very nervous I’d walk out it’s bad nails but I was pleasantly surprised with how they turned out. The workers are very polite and clean. For my first time getting my nails done professionally, I was very happy. I highly recommend this nail salon for anyone.
holly ballard a year ago
Elvin Rios a year ago
Lizzie Payne a year ago
Super nice!! Love my nails!!
Kathleen Anthony a year ago
Worst powder manicure I ever had First and last visit.I am a summer resident from Florida and will be going into Syracuse if necessary.Very 😞
Laurie Cleveland a year ago
Absolutely the best gel manicure I have ever gotten!
Brittaney Nicole a year ago
My husband and I were walk-ins for pedicures and they took us right away. I was very pleased to find that they line their spa tubs with a new plastic liner for each client. Their tools are also sanitized and sealed in packaging. They were very kind and offered us drinks as well. I would recommend this place and will return in the future.
Dianna McCabe a year ago
My nails lifted the second day. Some came totally off and I didn't even feel it and if the nails were actually put on correctly that would have hurt really bad.
Jessica Stone a year ago
Tony usually does my UV Gel nails but today Kathy did and they are so pretty! Perfectionist definitely 😍
Carolina Stoddard a year ago
Katie Huff a year ago
nikki bell a year ago
Wilfredo Mendez a year ago
Tim and Tina are awesome.
claudia risinger a year ago
Got acrylic fills done and he didn't do the trimming underneath of my natural mails as asked.then 3 days later 1st nail broke and diamonds fell off
Joseph Pittard a year ago
I don't go here, but my wife and daughter both said it was the best place in Watertown.
Ashley Hauck a year ago
Yiyi Davila a year ago
"Nitzia" The Best 🇵🇷 💅
Amanda Bixby a year ago
No wait, took an hour and a half for a fill, fixing two nails and gel polish. The nails that were redone are crooked. The day after my nail polish peeled right off my thumb. Waste of $36.
Latisha Davis a year ago
Little May a year ago
Don't waste your money here, I got acrylic nails and first they didn't do anything to my cuticles, second I asked for pointed nails and my nails were so sharp I was hurting myself, third the nails were peeling off after the 4th day, last my nails didn't dry and I sat under the black light for half an hour and they still weren't dry... so a complete waste of time and money
Nikisha Glen a year ago
Pam Beagle a year ago
Communication not understood well.
Breona Oliver a year ago
Ali Man a year ago
Brianne A a year ago
sylvia Vander Voet a year ago
Destiny DeCilles a year ago
Erin Loomis a year ago
Friendly staff that take their time with you.
John Smith 2 years ago
Amintha Crawford 2 years ago
Dorothy Marino 2 years ago
rude and slow service even after setting an appointment
Amanda Gardenier 2 years ago
I went to top nails and they weren't very talkative. I was hoping they could find me the closest color to a picture I brought in but they just pointed to the back wall and told me to find it on my own. When it came to doing my acrylics, I wanted very long stilettos and they were confused what that was so I said pointy and showed them the picture. While he was doing it he went to cut it pretty short and I said longer and he just cut it and eventually made it shorter and shorter as he went. When they were done they didn't look anything like what I wanted. And I went to pay him after and he was no where to be found so I stood there for a good minute or two. I showed my husband later that day and he also pointed out that a couple of them were crooked. $40 down the drain and I took them off that day and went somewhere else.
Michele Perry 2 years ago
Amazing service clean enjoyable atmosphere
Anonymous Anonymous 2 years ago
No just no
Abigail Kishel 2 years ago
Reneé D 2 years ago
Mason Phillips 2 years ago
I haven't been 100% happy with a nail salon... ever... Until now! The ladies at Top Nails went above and beyond with customer service and my expectation of the finished product. These are the most natural looking nails Ive ever had done! Their salon is beautiful, clean and spacious. I received a personal tour which allowed me see the entire salon. They have a party room (decorations, drinks and party supplies included) they offer for FREE with your service for groups! Their number one concern is upscale customer service and it shows. Love love love them! I know a lot of my lady friends in the watertown area frequent a salon so here is my public service announcement... GO HERE you won't wanna go anywhere else!
Kim Hepfer 2 years ago
Lavaugh Logan 2 years ago
This place is amazing!! Lyna is awesome!! I got the best mani and pedi ever! I can't wait to come back. Their salon is beautiful and clean. They are so nice, and the party room was a blast! The pedicure was phenomenal! I can't say enough about how pleased I was!
Pamela Krieger 2 years ago
This place is fabulous wonderful magnificent all of the above I came in today and got my feet toes and nails done I am make this spa permanent great with customers and awesome workers I will definitely be back.
Tracy Quinn 2 years ago
Super high quality in all services! Wide range of services available.
Shawna Rich 2 years ago
Nicole Freeman 2 years ago
Kaylee Davis 2 years ago
Very friendly staff, they offer beverages and a large variety of nail polishes! Unlike, Nails Lovida. This place is super relaxing, love the music while getting my toes done, great massage chairs too! Spacious, clean, and professional. I only get a regular manicure, no gel or acrylics. They have always done a phenomenal job and they last me as well! They take their time and don't rush, they fix their mistakes and give a great service! Overall, I am pleased with this salon. Happy I discovered this place and will not go to any other place in Watertown. I am from South Florida, so I am VERY picky with nail salons. I give top nails 2 thumbs up!
April Hough 3 years ago
Just want to take a minute and say thank you to the team at Top Nails. I went in last Thursday and had my nails filled and shellacked and on Saturday a nail broke because the acrylic was filed down to thin. Today I went in there to have the one nail fixed and everyone was kind and helpful. They fixed my nail helped me find the nail color that I already had and sent me on my way .. No questions asked, no nasty attitude, and not one time did they try and blame me (the customer). Other salons in the area should take a page out of there book where customer service is concerned !! Top Nails you have yourself a life long customer simply because you choose to do the right thing. Thank you !!!
Jessica Freeman 3 years ago
Very good customer service, clean and relaxing. My only con is you may spend a few hours here depending on the services you get.
Tara Dove 3 years ago
My sister and I came in to Top Naild recommended by friends to have our acrylic nails removed. The Tech was super aggressive when it came to removing my sisters nails that she caused bleeding in multiple areas. My sister would tell her that she was hurting her and she would respond with "oh". She literally ripped the acrylics off my sisters natural nails and the pictures we took show how her natural nails are missing pieces. My sister told her that she was bleeding and had cuts everywhere but She didn't care at all! She disappointed me because I asked her to cut my natural nails short and she had the audacity to throw the nail clipper at me and told me to cut them myself!! I have seriously never been to a salon with such disregard to customer service!! They have the absolute WORST customer service and don't care at all! Be warned do not expect amazing service from these people because you won't get it at Nail Times!
Tiến Minh Dương 3 years ago
Very good service
Itdelphia co 3 years ago
just one word to say "professional"
Lindsey Riddle 3 years ago
I'm giving them a 3 because I love my lashes but the job done on my nails was not so great. I went back to get them redone after arguing with the tech saying they are "supposed" to look like that because of the color I chose and they still were horrible. I had to go to another nail salon and get them totally redone. I will NEVER go back here for my nails again.
Sabs mart 3 years ago
Refill my nails with Nitsia and she did an amazing job its been almost 3 weeks and i still have my nails just called to get them done with her again!!!
Stacie Arney 3 years ago
Definitely will be coming here from now on for my mani/pedis!!
Katherine Seward 3 years ago
I left the salon in pain, but thinking it was just from them being thorough, I still raved about the salon, telling everyone I knew. Fast forward barely 3 weeks later, and one of my toenails have FALLEN off, and I'm battling the most severe cases of athletes foot since then. The toe that was in searing pain when I left is scaling and looks like a lizards skin. I'm not sure if I caught them on a bad day or what, but I'm pissed. If this issue isn't resolved, I'm reporting the to the Better Business Bureau, and the New York State Board for nail salon certifications.
Queline Renée 3 years ago
Best nail shop I've been to! Me and my friend went in for pedicures and full set. The pedicure was amazing! Definitely recommend the paraffin wax one (I think it's called that lol) it's definitely worth it. They have amazing customer service from offering drinks to the massage chairs. They have am amazing selection of colors and truly take the time to make sure you are happy before you walk out the door! I got long coffin/ballerina nails and they were done perfect and not too thick! Definitely my new nail shop!
Le'Ora Brown 3 years ago
JIN HA 3 years ago
100% 만족!💯 Topnail 친 한 네일아티스트분들. 👍🏻너무 깨끗하 예쁜 shop! 따뜻한 녹차를 마시며 내 취향 하나하나를 물어봐주 맞춤형 서비스.! 늦은 시간까지도 밝은 미소로 응대해줘서 감사합니다!♡ 아주 마음에 드는 네일아트를 하 너무 행복한 하루! 무엇보다 지금 가게 오픈기념 20% dc!! 양말과 로션 물!! 네일, 페디, 왁싱, 속눈썹. Total beauty salon! TOP NAIL♡ no.1😘 Thanks a lot!!
Sarah K 3 years ago
HORRIBLE! I went in for a solar fill in and polish. I was there for an hour and a half. I asked for square shaped nails and I ended up with oval-ish almost pointed. She had to redo one of my nails FOUR TIMES and it's still messed up! Not to mention that I have three other nails that look like crap. I don't know if their hell nail polish is too old or they are too stupid to paint nails but I do know my 6 yr old niece could do a better job! I would have gone back to have them fix it but I live out of state and had to leave the next day. Needless to say the incompetent woman that did my nails left visible space between my cuticles and fill in and messed up more ofy nails than a 6 yr old and she didn't even take $1 off the $37 total! Don't go here unless you REALLY want your nails to look fake and crappy!!!!!!!!!
Lynzee Wig 4 years ago
I always have excellent service here!!
Beth DiFabion 4 years ago
What an amazing place! I called and they let me come in at 7:45. They stayed open late, were super friendly. The Designs that they have done are incredible! Super clean and amazing place!
Lena Vo 4 years ago
Aye Pinky 5 years ago
Did a HORRIBLE job on my nails I got done a week ago. They are already lifting from my nail beds. Very prejudice. Racist.
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