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9 Hottest Chrome Nail Polishes

While chrome nails could totally still achieve the look at home with the right tools, if clients don't have all of the ingredients, aren't much of a DIY-er, or just don't want to have to clean up a bunch of sparkly powder, clients are probably better off finding a nail tech who can chrome up their nails. However, if you want to give it a go yourself, you'll need the base color of your choice, a gel top coat, a nail lamp, loose chrome powder, and a sponge-tip applicator. It's not actually a polish. The look can also be achieved using glittery and metallic nail polish. What follows are the 9 hottest chrome nail polishes:

Deborah Lippmann in Autumn in New York
Led Zeppelin said it first: All that glitters is gold. Leave it to Deborah Lippmann to take the phrase oh so literally, and infuse glistening specs into her NY-inspired polish.
ZOYA Nail Polish in Adina
Just in case one chrome polish wasn't sufficient enough, ZOYA's dichromatic polish combines green and magenta to create an oil-slick look that's appropriate at all times of the day.
Chrome girl in Pillow Talk
Baby pink isn't just for swaddling blankets. We're all grown up and loving Chrome Girl's delicate hue that resembles fruity cocktail you'd catch us sipping poolside. It even looks chic camped out under sheets over the weekend.
Formula X Chrome Nail Polish in Vroom
Everything's coming up rose gold this season, and nails are no exception to the trend. Formula X is putting their own spin on the shade, adding metallic shimmer to their chromatic polish. It's quite festive and super captivating.
Color Club in Sorry, Not Sorry
Light on the glitz, heavy on the glam, Color Club's rosy hue with hints of gold was designed with a Tri-Chrome technology to give off a multihued effect. Fancy, right? It's romantic with a modern twist, and we're all wanting access to this club.
China Glaze Nail Lacquer in Gone Glamping
Instead of a mermaid’s fin, how about mermaid fingernails? The sea-goddess look is an evolving trend, from wearing fin bottoms at the pool to collecting memorabilia and dying your hair pastel shades. This China Glaze gem will be our go-to for nights on the boardwalk or afternoon at the beach.
Essie nail polish in nothing else metals
Lavender is lovely, but lavender with a twist? Edgy. We're intrigued by this good-girl-gone-(slightly)-bad polish, that's versatile enough to wear with lace or leather.
Julep Nail Lacquer in Sunny Boho Glam
Sunny with a strong chance of chrome, Julep's peppy pigment is our go-to for making a positive impact. After all, it's hard not to feel mellow when painting nails yellow! Swipe on a coat before a big test or presentation, for good vibes all around.
Marc Jacobs Beauty Enamored Hi-Shine Nail Polish in Stone Jungle
The future is now, and Marc Jacobs’s chromatic silver has us envisioning flying cars and talking robots (some day!). Stone Jungle is a superior lacquer made with patented bonding agents offering a plasticized finish.

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Frequently asked questions:

QWhat's different about using this powder to create the effect, rather than foil stickers or a metallic polish?
ANothing else looks as chrome-like or lasts as long. In my opinion, foil is just an added thing for nail art and it has a different texture.
QWhat has the response from your clients who've tried out the chrome nails been like?
AAll of my clients are obsessed with them. Everyone who has tried it has gotten it a second or third time, with a different color each time. It also looks great on toes.
QIs this type of powder something people will be able to do at home, or do you think it'll stay limited to in-salon treatments?
AI think for people who already do their gel nails at home it's easy for them to try this technique, especially because they'll only have to add a few items to their collection of products.
QAnything else we should know?
AI think everyone should try at least one chrome nail, even if they're afraid of nail art. They'll be surprised by how much they love it, even if they're used to only wearing a simple solid color.
QWhy do you think this trend is taking off right now?
AI first discovered it through Instagram. I think most people discovered it that way or through Facebook or YouTube. These types of powders have been around for a long time, but it's just become trendy and the new techniques are specific to gel.

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