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Aromatherapy Spa - Dragon Steam Sauna Pedicure Spa

Aromatherapy Spa is the use of pure essential oils distilled from plants (leaves, flowers, stems, roots and barks) used as therapy to enhanced healing along with psychological and physical wellness. The new steam pedicures are like a sauna for your feet! The Red Dragon Sauna Pedicure system combines a wooden barrel with a steam generator to create a sauna that opens pores, eliminates dead cells, and softens skin. This earth-friendly alternative to a foot bath, made of handcrafted grade-A hem-fir, uses only one cup of water per service. By adding a few drops of essential oils to the steam outlet, techs can personalize this spa experience for clients.

Essential oil’s function?

Aromatherapy massage is a popular treatment at many spas, and a wide variety of essential oils can be used in massage to achieve a broad spectrum of treatment goals. These oils, including Roman chamomile, clary sage, and petit-grain, are especially helpful in balancing the nervous system. Phenylpropane ethers- especially estragole, which is found in basil – are thought to stabilize an overactive sympathetic nervous system, and cypress, basil, and sweet marjoram are noted for skeletal muscle spasm.

White birch, German and Roman chamomile, frankincense, wintergreen, clove, lavender, and mint oils are all effective analgesics.

Essential oils that support the respiratory system are effective when used in steam rooms and saunas. The oils improve the function of the lungs and bronchi by reducing mucous congestion and dealing with chest infections, colds, and influenza. When inhaling essential oils in steam, smaller doses are more effective than large amount of oils. Pine, rosemary, eucalyptus, and thyme oil work well in both saunas and steam rooms.

About product?

Dragon Steam Sauna
It's eco-friendly! There's a compartment at the bottom of the barrel for essential oils so clients can completely benefit from the aromatherapy experience. The barrel is handcrafted from a grade-A hem fir wood and coated with 4 layers of mold-preventing stain. At the bottom of the barrel is a small little stool and a foot massage pedal. This is where clients will put their feet. It's also super easy to clean. You can either soak the foot pedal in barbacide or wipe it down with an antiseptic. Then, wipe down the inside of the barrel and you're done! It is recommended to spray your clients feet with disinfectant before they put their feet inside, for an extra clean experience. A towel draped over the client's legs will act to further trap the steam inside the barrel, allowing the steam to intensively penetrate the feet and legs.

The cost is reasonable. Our service itself is only around $30/pedi, which includes use of the barrel, the steamer, the stool, a cover for heat retention, the foot pedal and a remote control so you can control the timer and heat settings from afar. The chair has a massager, and it also reclines so clients can opt for eyebrow and facial services without leaving the chair. The barrel is equipped with a removable lid, which allows clients to place their feet inside easily, then the lid is returned to retain heat so the clients experience all the benefits of the steam sauna.

Soak in essential oils for 15 minutes to allow the pores to open, eliminate dead cells, soften skin and calluses, reduce stress, and promote blood circulation. The steam creates a better and sterile environment to kill 99% of germs. After about 15 minutes, clients will have achieved the maximum benefits from the steam: reducing the stress and the tension and any muscle aches or pains. It is one the bestselling items; you will love it! It's relaxing, creates a better, longer lasting pedicure and clients aren't as worried about germs as they are with traditional water pedicures.

Frequently asked questions:

QWhat is the weather suitable for this service?
AWith traditional pedicures, the water overtime can get cold, with this, it will always be warm! So, it's perfect for the winter. It's even perfect for the summer because it's refreshing
QHow often should I have this service?
AYou should have once a month to have the best results in softening your feet and good shape.

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