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Don’t Let Your Feet Ruin Your Summer – Keep Them Healthy with Signature Pedicure!!

As you go about your daily work, how often do you give a thought to slowing down or just relaxing? For most people, the word ‘relaxation’ is probably last on their priority list. But when you think of it, your body and mind need to relax and rejuvenate at regular intervals. Why not enjoy a signature pedicure to get you relaxed?

What is a Signature Pedicure?

The Classical Pedicure just normally shapes the nails and cuticle area, sloughs the feet and/or legs, massages calves and feet, and finishes with an invigorating peppermint-type lotion. In contrast, the Signature Pedicure is a spa-type pedicure, which goes further with exfoliation and pampering of the client. The Signature Pedicure begins with cleansing and exfoliation of the feet in an aromatic foot-bath, followed with a nail and foot trim, cuticle maintenance, buffing, and filing. A hydrating treatment mask nourishes the skin and the feet & lower legs are massaged to release tension. Warmed paraffin is applied to the feet for truly soft and velvety skin. Treatment completes with a polish application. This is the ultimate treatment for tired and aching feet and calves. On account of all the extra detailed work and attention that is included with the Signature Pedicure, the client should expect the charge to be more than that of the Classical Pedicure.

What kind of Signature Pedicure?

Signature pedicures are spa treatments that leave your feet feeling clean and soothed and you feeling pampered. Choosing the correct type of signature pedicure enhances your salon experience. There are many different types of signature pedicure treatments, and each salon may vary in its services. To be certain about the service you are receiving, ask the nail technician for a description of each service. The following are descriptions of some of the different types of Signature Pedicures offered:

Type 1: Milk with Coffee Beans Pedicure

Ingredients: Powdered milk, coffee beans, seasonal fresh flowers, fresh avocado; Giovanni Cool Mint Lemonade Salt Scrub, Lotus Touch Organic Naturals Massage Lotion; paraffin dip; base coat, polish, top coat.

Type 2: Exotic Mango Pedicure

Ingredients: Sliced oranges, flower petals, mango essential oil; Qtica Smart Spa Exotic Mango Sugar Scrub, Exotic Mango Moisture Mask, and Exotic Mango Luxury Lotion; base coat, polish, top coat.

Type 3: Indian Therapy Pedicure

Ingredients: Apple cider vinegar, sliced lemons, sliced ginger, chickpea flour, sesame oil, plain yogurt, and powdered milk; Keyano Aromatics Mango Mineral Bath and Mango Butter Cream; any brand of body wash and powdered sanitizer soak; base coat, polish, top coat.

Type 4: Sweet Sherbert Pedicure

Ingredients: Pedicure Care Decorative Pedicure Soak Solution; flower petals; Nubar Skin Essentials The Waterfall Foot Soak, Callus-Rid, Sherbet Splash Foot Scrub, Sherbet Splash Foot Mud Masque, Sherbet Splash Foot Butter, Foundation Base Coat, Nail Lacquer, and Diamont Seal & Shine Quick Dry Top Coat.

Type 5: Citrus Green Tea Spa Pedicure

Ingredients: CND Scentsations Wash and Lotion in Citrus & Green Tea, Citrus Moisture Scrub, Citrus Illuminating Masque, Citrus Soothing Crème, CoolBlue, ScrubFresh, CuticleAway, Cuticle Eraser, SolarOil, Shellac or base coat, polish, top coat, speed-drying spray; halved and sliced lemons and limes.

Type 6: Peach and cream Pedicure

Ingredients: peach-scented candle or diffuser in the pedicure area. Milk (cream) will help exfoliate the skin and sliced peaches in the pedi bath will make the client feel very relaxed. A glass of peach nectar or some sliced peaches with whipped cream in a cup are offered as well.

Type 7: Lemon Lime Pedicure

Ingredients: Soft & Fresh Pedicure Powder (Lemon), Lemon Sugar Scrub (made in-house), Paraffin Dip, CND Citrus Lotion, CND Solar Oil, CND Cuticle Away, CND Vinylux Color, CND Vinylux Top Coat

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Frequently asked questions:

QHow do I choose a good hydrating cream that I can use between pedicures?
AI need to look at the client's skin. Is it soft and pliable, or dry and cracked? Soft, pliable skin types may respond to a hand cream. For those with dry or cracked skin, I recommend a petrolatum-based cream with aloe vera, essential oils, vitamin E, and natural fragrances.
QCould you please tell me about the following: Essential Pedicure • Spa Pedicure With Paraffin • Signature Pedicure I would like to make an appointment to pamper my feet but would like to know the difference between the pedicures please.

Thank you for sending us your question. Let me explain the different pedicures. The Essential Pedicure is our basic pedicure. Your feet are soaked in an aromatic warm foot bath, the calluses are filed away, your nails are clipped and a lotion is applied to your feet and calves. We then apply the lacquer of your choice onto your nails.

The Spa Pedicure is everything the Essential is but we wrap your feet in warm paraffin wax for deep therapeutic results that release tension and hydrate the feet.. We also use Spa Ritual which is an organic line of products.

The Signature Pedicure is a service that is completed in a private room, you are lying down for the whole treatment. Includes an Essential pedicure but adds a hydrating mask on your feet. While that is sitting you get an arm and neck massage. It is highly recommended for an intense relaxation treatment.

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