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Give Your Feet the True Spa Experience with Jelly Spa Pedicure!

Jelly Spa Pedicure is great for all seasons! Every woman deserves to treat their feet to a relaxing pedicure! Why not today?

Jelly Spa Pedicure

This product is not just a professional pedicure

It not only gives all the benefits of pedicure spa but it also combines the joy and pleasure of playing with jelly. And, for girls who like to run barefoot and feel the mud between her toes, the Jelly-bath pedicure is the best idea. Available at spas around the United States, this thick, warm, gelatinous foot treatment coats the feet and calves as it is absorbed into the skin by massage. It is available in a variety of scents and colors.

There are two components of Jelly Pedi. First is a powder that contains natural plant extracts and oils. When combined with warm water, it transforms into translucent jelly within minutes. Customers can soak, exfoliate and massage in a tub full of jelly for a unique spa experience. The jelly spa help to remove toxins as well as stimulate blood circulation.

A truly special spa pedicure experience

Like regular pedicures, Jelly Pedi is one of the most common types. This usually involves soaking the feet in warm, scented water for a period of time. Rough calluses are then gently rubbed with a pumice stone to smooth and thin and the toenails are trimmed and filed. Jelly Pedicure is a truly special spa pedicure experience for you. Including these steps, Jelly Pedi turns water into a luxurious enveloping comfort, which provides the ultimate relief for stress and aching muscles. Add Jelly Pedi to warm water and it becomes a translucent, fluffy and smooth jelly. Its heat will be retained up to four times longer than regular water. After applying the moisturizer, your feet are gently massaged and polish is then applied to the toenails.

One of the criteria for cosmetics selection of women is scent, especially for those who are allergic to this characteristic of cosmetics. One of the strong points of Jelly Pedi is that the scent is very gentle, quite delicate and very light so even those with sensitivities to scents can enjoy. Jelly Pedi exfoliates and opens pores, which leads to softer skin! It detoxifies as it softens and cleanses your skin; exfoliates while providing relaxing aromatherapy unlike a regular salt or mineral soak.

The highlight of this fun foot treatment is the gelatin-like footbath, which uses the Jelly Pedi revitalizing foot smoother. It helps shed dead skin as well as hydrate dry skin. While the routine nail care is in processing, the feet are submerged in the gel foot bath and the callous and cuticles are removed.

Remember, every part of your body is sacred. You rely on your feet too much so let’s take them for granted. Summer is coming. It is the time for you to show your love to your feet. After all, without them we wouldn’t be able to wear all those cute shoes.

Frequently asked questions:

QWhat does a Pedicure include?
AA pedicure includes trimming, shaping, and polishing toenails. It also includes foot massage and the removal of ingrown toenails and any callouses or dead skin on the bottom of your feet.
QCan men have a manicure and pedicure?
AAbsolutely they can, and they should! In fact, men can benefit from a regular manicure and pedicure to have soft skin and good nail shape.
QHow often should I have a manicure and a pedicure?
AOnce every two weeks for a manicure and once a month for a pedicure will bring the best results in softening your cuticles, your hands and your feet, and in keeping your nails healthy, growing faster and in good shape.

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