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The First & Only Mood Changing Acrylic Powder in the World

Mood effect acrylic powders is the first and only mood changing acrylic powder in the world! This newest product is sure to catch your eye with their intense shine and extensive color choices. These 48 playful shades change color based on your body temperature, your mood, the heat of your cup of coffee, or even while you're holding an ice cold smoothie!

What is mood changing acrylic powder?

Mood effect acrylic powder is produced by Glam and Glits. Today, this company offers a wide variety of professional nail products that include Gel Polish, Mixed Acrylic, Nail Arts and much more. By offering innovative and quality nail products at attractive prices, Glam and Glits has become the fastest growing nail company in North America, Europe and Australia with over 400 distributors and counting. The popularity of nail art shows no sign of stopping as a new mood changing acrylics powder are on the rise.

This beauty trend “self-expression” will be most intensely played out around color. The powders change color based on people’s body temperature, mood, the heat of a latte, or even an ice-cold glass of tea. Color changing acrylic is pleased to offer client an amazing acrylic colors to satisfy the artist, creativity and curiosity in each one.

How does it turn out so gorgeous?

This collection consists of 48 new colors that range from delicate champagne, shimmery nudes to deep red matte with micro shimme. Never get bored again! You have a world of exquisite possibilities right at your fingertips!

Clients have had a lot of fun playing around with these acrylic powders, especially the mood effects one. Polish and gel polish might be seen on the market but acrylic powders are the first one. Creating the perfect set of acrylics could be considered an art, but the foundation behind it--and the answers to many common technical questions--is found in the science.

The powder is the mixture of four main ingredients: poly (ethyl methacrylate), Poly (methacrylate), Dibenzoyl Peroxide & Pigments. Each shade leaves a smooth, even finish and lasting color with advanced acrylic formula that is blended with ultra fine pigments

  • Ethyl methacrylate (EMA) is a type of acrylic monomer (liquid) that is used in most acrylic systems. By blending other components into the EMA, a manufacturer can control curing time, flexibility, adhesion, yellowing, clarity, odor and color changing.
  • Benzoyl peroxide is a molecule that absorbs extra energy and uses it to cause chemical reactions to occur in acrylic powder.
  • The color change additive by itself is colorless under ordinary visible light such as UV absorbers (optional) are additives that absorb UV light (which can cause enhancements to yellow) and change it into blue light or heat; Colorants (optional) are dyes that give the powder a pinkish color. Blue colorants act as an optical brightener, which means it makes other colors appear brighter.

For example, the formed color could be red, green, blue, violet, yellow, orange or various shades. Mixed materials and all of the color change additives useful in the present invention are also referred to as latent dyes. Latent dyes are colorless substances that can undergo a physical reaction under certain temperature resulting in changing colors substance.

Give clients a gorgeous and stunning nails set

With the new generation of color powders: the mood changing acrylic, nails technicians can create any gorgeous color, changing style and give perfect coverage in one layer. Moreover, due to their high pigment content, mood effect acrylic powders are perfect for gel nail art. On-trend color selection and eye-catching design is the foundation of everything these product do. Use the acrylic powder from this set to create beautiful 3D works of art, as a full cover, or even a simple fade, the variety of color shades make them easy to work with.

Let’s get playful in colors with mood effect collection which can give you any style: basket weave, 3D, velvet-like or hologram style. Typically a nail trim runs $16 and a Mood effect acrylic powder will run $28 to $45. This item is long-lasting: up to 4 weeks, with at least 2 weeks, compared to the usual 5 or 6 days that most typical nail treatments go without chipping. So, it is well worth the extra cost. This price is affordable and suitable for every modern woman who wants to save time and experience a truly color powder set. Why not try it now?

Frequently asked questions:

QHow long does it take to apply?
AA perfect set of mood effect takes only 30-60 minutes. Save time with mood changing acrylic powders! This product is able to last on your tips for a month which means if you don’t have much time, this product is perfect for you!
QWhat is the best way to achieve a perfect set of mood effect?
AClients are highly recommended to get a clear gel coat over top because the acrylic is quite chalky looking without it. Don't worry, it doesn't affect the "effect".
QIs the item durable?
AThis item is so durable, it is able to last a month! Application is a breeze and no single placement is required, saving you time without sacrificing stellar flair This item is so handy, you can take it along with you, anytime, anywhere.
QWhy does my manicure seem to be lifting up?
ABefore Gel Base application, make sure to remove excess cuticles by sanding well and make sure to never apply the Gel Base over the cuticle. Try to keep everything a hairline away from the cuticle.
QWhy do my manicure tips break off?
AThe nail is not thick enough at stress points, to prevent this, use a minimum of four coats for medium length nails and young clients. For long nails, use a minimum of five coats. In the last layer, dip into Natural Set Sheer to strenghten the nail.
QHow do I keep my Gel Top/Base brushes from hardening?
AAfter each two nail application, clean the brush well with a clean paper towel. At the end of the day, always clean the neck of the bottle inside and out with a paper towel damped with pure acetone.

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