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TOP Nails: Do's and Dont's Natural Manicure

At TOP Nails, the health and safety of both clients and employees is of the very highest priority. This is achieved through the use of medical-grade autoclaves and ventilation systems, as well as a no-compromise policy on maintaining the highest sanitary standards. TOP Nails does, and does not do, certain things to ensure client safety and satisfaction.


High-quality ventilation systems are used to minimize the level of chemical exposure to employees. This system draws air up into ceiling vents, where it is then safely removed from the interior of the salon. It is in operation at all times.

All tools are sterilized after each use, using a machine called an autoclave. Most often used for the sterilization of medical equipment, the autoclave uses pressure and very hot steam to eradicate microbial contaminants that may cause annoying and painful infections.

To further ensure optimal sanitary conditions, all pedicure tubs are protected by disposable liners, and the tubs themselves are thoroughly disinfected after each use. Buffers, nail files and pumice stones are never shared between multiple clients, so as to further minimize the threat of infection.

The cuticle is an important defense against infection. It is standard practice to trim and shape the cuticle, rather than remove it. The cuticle must be maintained after a shaping to ensure that it remains attractive and functional.

If desired, the customer has the option to purchase equipment and tools on-site, and bring it back for re-use when making return visits.


Nail salons, as a rule, can treat calluses by softening and smoothing by using callus removal treatment. They should not use razor to remove callus because New York laws prohibit the use of razors in nail salons. Sever damage to the foot can result from such forms of removal, and clients who are in need of severe callus removal are encouraged to make an appointment with a podiatrist.

Tools used to smooth and buff nails, such as files, buffers and pumice, are never re-used on another client. Such tools are disposed of immediately after use.

TOP Nails strives to deliver a pleasant and enjoyable experience as well as quality nail work. Client satisfaction is of paramount importance, and feedback is always encouraged. These views and opinions will be used to help improve the experience and identify areas which may benefit from improvement. Reviews and suggestions can be left on the TOP Nails Facebook page, or by contacting Cici at (607) 759-4050

About TOP Nails:

TOP Nails seeks to satisfy the client with the very best manicure, pedicure, waxing, sculpting microBlading and eyelash extension services in Watertown, New York, by professional nail care experts, in an environment which is warm and welcoming. TOP Nails strenuously abides by all local and state laws and sanitation regulations. To schedule an appointment, please call (315) 782-0979 during business hours or schedule an appointment online at