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Eyebrow Sculpting MicroBlading Frequently Asked Questions

QHow long does it last?
AYour microbladed brows will last for as long as you maintain them. Usually about 2 years.
QHow long does it take?
AThe procedure takes roughly about 2 hours, depending on how you want your brows to be completed. Please allow a solid 2 and a half hour window for your appointment. We likely won’t need that much time, but Lyna likes to take all the time a client might need.
QHow often do I need a touch-up?
ATouch-ups are recommended every 6 months, to keep the color fresh and the strokes crisp. Some people can go longer before getting a touch-up, so it all depends on you.
QDoes it hurt?
AWe take every precaution necessary to ensure the micro-pigmentation application is as pain free as possible. A wide range of medical grade anesthetics are used for your comfort. Some clients find the procedure a little uncomfortable, whereas other clients report no discomfort at all. A combination of 2 anesthetics are used. First, a topical numbing cream and then a local anesthetic is introduced once the microblading procedure has started. This is topped up regularly during the treatment to keep you comfortable.
QWhat should I do after the procedure?
AFollow the aftercare instructions given to you. You will also receive an aftercare kit once the treatment is complete.
QDo I need to take time off from work?
ANo. There’s no downtime associated with the treatment. Redness and swelling will dissipate within an hour after. Your brows will appear darker initially, but not so dark that you will be prevented from your activities of daily living.
QHow long does it take to heal?
AHealing time varies from person to person. Usually, it takes about a week to ten days for the epithelial crust to form and slough off (just like a tattoo). Your skin will be considered healed after that happens. Then, the pigment takes some time to settle into the skin. A good month should pass before we consider the process complete.
QWhat can’t I do after the procedure?
AThe number one thing Lyna cannot stress enough is please DO NOT TOUCH your microbladed brows for at least 7 to 10 days! Touching your brows interrupts the healing process and you will be left with a less than desirable result once your brows have healed. You are also advised to keep the skin clean and dry—that means no swimming, sweating or otherwise getting the area wet; no tanning or prolonged sun exposure; no picking or peeling the tattoo. You can still wash your hair and face and once they’re healed up, you treat them as your own.
QWhat kind of pigments are used?
AAll the colors are iron-oxide based and have been FDA approved. A wide range of colors are available so that our techs can help you choose what works best for your facial and hair color.
QWhat if I don’t like it?
AThere are several things we can do. Your eyebrows can be modified to a point. Our techs will work with you until you are satisfied with your results. Additional charges may apply.
QDo I need a patch test?
AYes, all clients need a patch test at least 48 hours before the procedure. This can be posted out to you, if you live a long distance away
QHow do you choose the shape?
AWe choose a shape and style together. At the beginning of the microblading procedure, our techs will draw in a suggested shape for your new brows and then we work together to perfect this to your preference and measurements are taken to check symmetry and position.
QHow do you choose a color?
AWe choose a color together by applying small amounts of different colored pigments to the skin near to your brows and selecting the best match for your skin tone, features and personal preference.
QWhat will they look like immediately after the procedure?
AYour brows may be a little swollen, red and sometimes a bit white. This is all very normal. They will be considerably darker for the first week, before they begin to fade out to a softer color.
QWill they fade?
AYour body’s skin changes over time and so will any permanent makeup coloration implanted in to the skins layers. However, this natural fading process takes years and touch ups are easily done as your colors fade over time.
QCan I have my brows microbladed if I'm pregnant?
AIf you are pregnant or breastfeeding, sick ( cold, flu, etc), have epilepsy, are undergoing chemotherapy, have a pacemaker or have a major heart problem you cannot undergo microblading.
QWill my microbladed eyebrows look fake?
ANO! Semi-Permanent makeup is done using a cosmetic tattooing process and our eyebrow pigmentation unique artistry guarantees soft, natural looking eyebrows. When we implant semi-permanent makeup pigment in the skin, it appears more natural looking than even topically applied cosmetics.