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Eyebrow Sculpting Microblading by Certified Technicians

Sculpting MicroBlading, also known as microstroking, eyebrow embroidery or 3D feather hair stroke, is an advanced brow technique which uses a superfine row of needles to deposit pigments into the epidermis creating thin, hair-like semi-permanent marks. It is done by hand and considered to be a semi-permanent tattoo, using a very fine blade to deposit a small amount of ink into the skin.

Sculpting MicroBlading is quite similar to hair stroke cosmetic tattoo using the machine method, however the strokes are finer, and are not implanted as deeply in the skin. Therefore, brows created with Sculpting MicroBlading look better, but are not as permanent. They last around 1-3 years before a retouch is required.

Common Types of Sculpting MicroBlading

Over the years, Sculpting MicroBlading techniques have evolved and improved. The newer the technique, the more strokes-based and natural it is. But of course the price also increases accordingly to the difficulty so clients need to decide. Clients can find the individual strokes so natural and beautiful! There are some types of Sculpting MicroBlading offered:

Type 1: Basic Sculpting MicroBlading

Unlike eyebrow tattoo, Basic Sculpting MicroBlading only involves applying color onto the top layer of the skin, so fret not that the colors will be too thick and exaggerated. The effect of an Eyebrow Embroidery is not permanent but it can last up to two years and possibly longer with frequent touch-ups.

Price: From $200 and above.

Type 2: Creative Sculpting MicroBlading

Technicians will first design client's eyebrow shape to enhance their overall facial features. The position of each stroke is determined by the shape of their eyebrow because every face shape is different.

Price: From $600 and above

Type 3: Angelic Sculpting MicroBlading

The Angelic method uses soft and feather-light strokes that gives you a confident and natural look. Touted to be similar to as a Designer Eyebrow. Everyone is unique, your eyebrows are embroidered to bring out the style in you.

Price: From $2000 and above

Type 4: Signature Sculpting MicroBlading

The Signature will be performed by professional qualified therapists, combining with nano-technology; the result is a perfect eyebrow arch with natural-looking strokes that gives you the instant groomed and enhanced look.

Price: From $1400 and above

Type 5: Men’s Sculpting MicroBlading

Eyebrow embroidery is no longer a woman’s thing. It’s time for the men to groom themselves. Men’s eyebrows will be shaped according to the Golden Ratio, resulting men to look more youthful, charming and confident. Price: From $1400 and above.

To ensure the process of making Sculpting MicroBlading successful, perfect and satisfied customers, Microblading technicians have very strict requirements. First of all, The nail salon must have a Department of Health Establishment License, and a Biomedical Waste Permit. The technician must complete a Bloodborne Pathogen course, and meet all of the Department of Health requirements. The technician must also obtain a tattoo license/tattoo artist and be in compliance with all DHO requirements. Technicians are all certified with Semi-permanent MicroBlading Specialist and are Board certified.

MicroBlading Technicians have full knowledge of the MicroBlading techniques and that of professional performance, such as: safety and sanitation, color theory, brow shaping using the golden ratio, shaping eyebrows for different face shapes, hair growth patterns, skincare & product theory, aftercare, brow application, applying brows in multi-directions for optimal realistic look, styling for multiple face and eye shapes, tweezing and shaping. With more years of experience, technicians will make client’s eyebrow natural looking and long lasting.