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Eyelash Extensions by Certified Technicians

Eyelash Extensions is one of the most common beauty technique. It’s semi-permanent eyelash extensions comprised of individual synthetic eyelashes that are curved to replicate a natural eyelash. Lashes are thicker at the base and taper to a fine point. They are applied on to individual eyelashes, one extension at a time, for a natural, elegant look to lengthen and add fullness to the existing lashes.

Eyelash extension is clinically proven to pack on length and density to your lashes (and eyebrows) in a month or less. No kidding, these products are a proven solution to longer stronger eyelashes. For most of us, gluing on fake eyelashes is a standard lash solution. Forget that! This product can make your lashes so thick, long, and beautiful that you won't even have to use mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, or any make up for that matter.

Common Types of Eyelash Extensions

Single Lash

Our certified lash specialists applies individual extensions to each of your existing lashes to create a dramatic fuller, longer, and thicker look. We only use synthetic extension products for high quality and long lasting results.

3D Volume Lash

Volume lashes is a new lash service we are offering that will give you up to 3 times the volume using our safe and advanced technique. By applying up to three extensions per natural lash you will achieve a denser, fuller look even if you have a naturally sparse lash line

Cluster Lash

For more detailed information please contact us!!!

Applying a full set of lashes takes about two hours, and can be maintained year-round with touch-ups recommended every three to four weeks. A half set of lashes are an economical alternative to achieve a similarly dramatic effect, applied as filler to thicken natural lashes, or applied outward from the eye for a specialized look. Everyone has different lashes, and depending on the condition of your own natural lashes, lash experts can only go a certain length or thickness. (This is to ensure that your own lashes remain healthy.)

Full Set (approx 1 hour 45 mins)
Utilizing hypoallergenic materials, a singular extension is attached lash by lash, allowing your own lashes to shed naturally (just as your hair does). As your lash sheds, so does the attached extension.

If all your lashes have been shed & you return within 4-6 weeks from your last visit, you will receive a special full set price as our appreciation for your loyalty.
On average clients get touch-ups every 3-4 weeks. If you have a special event in between your touch-ups, and less lash enhancement is needed, a lesser fee will be charged.

1-2 weeks (approx 45-90 mins)

2 weeks or more (90 mins & up)

1/2 Set (approx 60 mins)
Removal (approx 20 mins)
We understand that you may only need your lashes enhanced for a special event (i.e. a wedding, party, tropical vacation). If you need to have your lashes removed for any reason, we will remove strip, flare, individual, or extensions safely using gel solution.