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The TOP Nails Promise

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The TOP Nails Guarantee

An important factor to consider when looking for a nail salon is whether they offer a satisfaction guaranteed policy. Many nail salons these days are guaranteeing their service as they wish to provide the best experience for their customers. The satisfaction policy will vary from salon to salon, but in general this policy will guarantee the satisfaction of the customer. If the customer is not satisfied, the nail salon will either offer a refund or offer to redo one’s nails for them. Good communication between the nail professional and customer is essential, so if you are not happy with your service or your nails, talk to your technician or the salon owner about it.

1. Eyelash extension

We place a very high emphasis on safety and proper technique which is why our eyelash technicians are some of the most experienced in the city. But we have a guarantee so that if there’s a problem with the lashes within the first few days, you can get a complimentary touch-up or fill. We want your lashes to look fabulous all the time - our reputation depends on it! Our suggested refill appointment lengths are below, however your individual needs may vary.

If you have lost a lot of lashes within a short amount of time please contact us right away to troubleshoot on habits and homecare that may have to be adjusted to suit lash extensions, and to also review the upcoming refill appointment as extra time may be required. You should take a photo and immediately send to TOP Nails. Don’t be upset because our salon can easily Quick Fix for you that approximately 30 minutes. Quick Fix is a type of problem-solving technique which involves utilizing the fastest solution to keep the problem from recurring in the near future. A Quick Fix will not necessarily eliminate the problem in the long run. At TOP Nails, it is our policy to ensure all lash extensions are styled to look beautifully natural and maintain the health of your natural lashes.

2. Nails set

TOP Nails always cares for the quality of nail polish, powder and gel nails and preserves them strictly. We are also responsive. We take action immediately once we hear of a problem. If client’s nail breaks or another problem arises, our skilled technicians will take care of it immediately, even before serving a new client.

Clearly, if a client is faced with a breakdown in services after a week, such as lift and chips off the nail, you just send to our salon a photograph of your nail. We will review and correct the issue immediately because TOP Nails always wants each client to see themselves as the most important and respect that we took the time to help you solve your problem.

3. 100% satisfied with our service

Our salon has licensed, certified technicians and professionals in completing all services. Customers are not all alike, TOP Nails treat customers in the different manners with regard to the customer's life. In case the customer is not satisfied with their nails, our salon has some solutions. The management team of the salon would choose another better nail tech for guests. If clients do not like this nail tech, they may request another nail tech they like. TOP Nails Salon always tries the best to find out what the client desires. We listen and reassure the client that we will escalate or act on their complaint and follow through until resolution.

If customers are not assured of nail tools, the customer has the option to purchase equipment and tools on-site, and bring it back for re-use when making return visits. Salons will let you bring your own tools (files, manicure brushes, and buffers) and some will even let you leave them in a bag with your name on it until your next appointment. Make sure they are cleaned and sterilized before and after each use, and that the bag is not closed airtight. Doing nails offers an opportunity for customer to bring your own nail models at TOP Nails Salon. Our technician with years of experience could serve clients with any nail design if you simply love your own nail art.

If you are not satisfied, you should not rush to publish 1 star reviews everywhere. Because customer satisfaction is our goal, TOP Nails is always willing to “Listen and Learn”. We listen to our customers by taking notes or repeating back what customer has said. Listen to their words and tone. Observe their body language. Provide them clear and concise communication. Ask clarifying questions to gain understanding before we provide a response. If we can’t respond immediately, we are always be sure to provide a timeline for response and make a note in our calendar to do so. We also follow up and confirm, issue refund, and check for customer satisfaction and completion.