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Technician's Manners

All TOP Nails staffs have a uniform with two sets of aprons, including a red apron for the workweek and brown apron for the weekend. These uniforms are made from material beneficial to the types of services we perform. There is no need to worry about spilling acetone, polish, wax or paraffin with these uniforms. They are also quite cool in summer and warmer in winter. In addition, our uniforms are applied to serve clients with the professional look. Apart from having the perfect salon uniforms with a sense of style, our salon managers and staff always must understand the safety, security and hygiene issues and procedures in the salon, and implement them. Hygiene is just another word for cleanliness and our salon are all aware of the importance of keeping things clean.

You will already know how important it is to keep places like the kitchen and bathroom very clean if people are to remain healthy. This is especially important in our salon because of the nature of the treatments that our technicians carry out for clients. It is the responsibility of all employees working in our salon to prevent the possible spread of infection or disease by using basic hygienic practices. The most important way to do this is to keep themselves and everything in the salon clean. It is also our technicians responsibility to make sure our working environment will not have a negative impact on the leaders of nail salon health or the health of employees and most especially our clients. Sanitation processes take place as follows:

1. Requirements about wearing gloves and masks

Products used in nail salons may contain chemicals that can affect workers' health. Using gloves and masks can expose the technicians to chemicals. They may breathe in the harmful vapors, dusts, or mists; get the product on their skin or in their eyes. Requirements about wearing gloves and masks of our techs are also strict to guarantee our clients' safety. Our technicians are all using nitrile and latex gloves, these products must be replaced with new and unused ones after every client. If there is a tear, hole, or puncture in them, we immediately throw away. In terms of using masks, our techs replaced them each day. They usually use these products during all nails service for our clients. Our techs are always be sure to check the state's cosmetology rules and regulations to know what tools are approved or banned and how they should be cleaned.

2. Clean working-station

There is more to having a good service than just picking out client nail color. Our staff teams always clean the seat of staff as well as the beauty place of the customer such as manicure or pedicure chair. This must be done after each client’s service due to scattered clippings from people's toenails and fingernails or anything else. Therefore, TOP Nails salon makes sure that regardless if this is the first or the last client of the day, we always make you like the first person with cleanliness, safety and top notch health service. TOP Nails seeks to satisfy the client with the very clean and healthy nail salon which is all about ensuring that clients' workplace is a safe, secure and hygienic place to work. Whatever the type of business, the law says that every workplace must be a healthy and safe place. This is highest priority, not just for the people who work there but also for any visitors or clients.

3. Licensed and Insured Professional Technicians

There is no surprise that clients absolutely want to visit the licensed salon with its licensed techs. All states require licenses for nail technicians, and most states require that the license be displayed for customers to see. The technicians have licenses for each service. Don't be afraid to ask to see a nail tech's license! They are willing to show you how well-trained they are!

Techs are also trained to be well communicated and comprehensive with their customers. There is more worth to having a good service than just picking out nail color. Salon staff endeavors to create a completely comfortable environment for clients with friendly greetings and serve free delicious drinks. Nail salons know that miscommunication is a primary cause of their infections and lawsuits from infections.

The nail technicians explain the service to clients, asks them questions about their needs, and inform them of proper nail care at home. There have been so many advancements in artificial nail products that nail technicians can make the most natural-looking nails in the world, but artificial nails aren’t for everyone. The nail technician should ask their customers about their needs and explain the at-home maintenance they should do to care for their nails.

Clients should also share pertinent medical information with their techs. Customer service is a part of the treatment that they pay for during their visit. The nail technicians make them feel comfortable and relaxed. The salon is quiet and and the workers are patient in dealing with customers to make their visit and the money spent worthwhile. The appearance of the salon could also give clients a clue as to how much or how little the owners really care about their business. This reflects in the service that is given to their customers.

Some businesses have begun offering services just because they are “hot” right now and are ignorant about healthcare, application techniques, and don't even bother to carry the proper adhesives that are safe for the procedure. TOP Nails managers are licensed and certified technicians who perform entire nail services; some techs have more than ten years of experiences in doing nails. Our team managers often reads more news about nails, practices across the globe, and have keep photos of our actual work – professional photos to give you the quality you are after. With the rise in popularity of lash extensions, clients deserve a salon where you have dedicated yourself to the career of doing safe, proper lash extension services and truly setting the standard for safe and long-lasting services.