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Great Customer Services

Everyone agrees that in order to have a truly successful salon, you need to have more than just a great product or service. Great customer service is the better half of a real successful salon. Not everyone is going to agree on what it is exactly that makes up good customer service, but TOP Nails Salon is always sure to do everything in our power to keep our clients informed, on the move, and-above all-happy.

1. Services always prioritize the interests of customers

Nail salons need to care about online reviews which are another way to judge their business when customers post comments about the service they received. Responses as soon as possible are always appreciated and it makes clients satisfied whether they use salon service or not.

Nail salons, which are clear in service prices, should definitely be visited often. Many salons provide all-inclusive service prices; some salons charge a la carte. Clients are told exactly what services are performed for the price. For example, is polish extra? Is top coat or fast-dry extra? Will they be charged for broken nails? A quality salon offers their customers a wide variety of nail treatments. If clients are looking for services beyond just getting a manicure, some of the higher end salons may offer added services that they would normally find at a spa. The services may be a little more expensive, but they will be treated like royalty.

Some examples of features that salon visitors may find at nail spa salons include very comfortable, heavily padded, reclining chairs that have massage controls built into the unit. Customers can sit back and relax while they are getting a pedicure or having their nails done. Larger nail spa salons will usually give them more choices such as gel nails, acrylic nails, paraffin treatments, sculptured nails, overlay designs and much more.

Clients will get a quick answer because our nail salon takes the responsibility to replying to messages on Facebook or an email and answering the phone calls very seriously. The answering service will offer a professional voice, will answer any questions clients may have, and can take messages for call backs later on. Clients won’t have to worry about anymore missed calls, and our answering service can work outside of the business hours.

2. Less waiting time

Do you not like waiting rooms? Well, at TOP Nails, we’ve made sure that your time in the waiting room will be short and comfortable. Different from other salons, clients are always welcome no matter when you come at TOP Nail. Clients do not have to wait for your service because we have many employees and in peak hours, there are usually more workers than usual. If you do not make an appointment in advance, you will not have to wait long. We encourage clients, when you decide to get a mani/pedi, it's usually in your best interest to make an appointment. We have online booking, so you can schedule your service whenever the urge hits.

Clients can make online appointments by easily specifing the details of the services wanted by using our convenient online appointment. Our salon has a feature called “Send Text – Message Reminders to My Phone”. When clients have made an appointment, it will send a remind text message one hour before clients’s appointment. It’s so convenient that clients can cancel or reschedule appointments anytime. Clients can contact TOP Nails by sending a message on Facebook, speaking with our customer service, making a call to (315) 782-0979 or sending an email to